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Why is golf so expensive

2022-06-23 20:29Mission Hills Golf Club
Summary: Why golf is a noble sportGolf requires more expensive venues and equipment. In the last century, only the aristocracy could afford it. Golf courses have very high requirements for terrain, soil and en
Why golf is a noble sport
Golf requires more expensive venues and equipment. In the last century, only the aristocracy could afford it. Golf courses have very high requirements for terrain, soil and environment. The golf course also covers a large area. In addition, it will be equipped with caddies. In the past, only the nobility could afford these expensive costsWhy is golf so expensive
However, in China, the government does not allow the construction of new courses at present. Because there is too much land, the built courses are scarce resources. In addition, the blind worship of Chinese people for imported products and the deliberate speculation of investors are the main reasons for the high price of golf. But in Hainan, there are also very cheap golf coursesWhy does Golf look so high-end? What are the skills of playing golf
Golfers are basically in the same circle, and this circle is almost either rich or expensive, so Golf looks so high-end. When playing golf, you must move your toes. Only in this way can you check whether your standing posture is accurate. In additionIf you don't understand, why are tennis, bowling and golf called noble sports
Because tennis originated in Britain, the game process pays great attention to the etiquette of both sides of the game, whether it is the ball equipment, clothing, judgment, skills, there are more stress. In the early days, the evaluation of a player's strengths and weaknesses even includes his hitting posture, body shape, appearance, etc. Everything except " Sports competition " Other requirementsWhy is golf considered Why is golf so expensivean aristocratic sport
Moreover, the gentlemanly demeanor and the politeness of ladies in Scotland are obvious, which can be reflected in many aspects on modern courts, such as serving first. Then, the golf venues, equipment and maintenance are really expensive. A standard 18 hole 72 golf course covers an area of about 2000 mu, or 134 hectaresHow much does it cost to play golf in Shenzhen
Why does Golf look so high-end
Although many civilians abroad also play golf, I learned it abroad for more than four years. Many links are also very expensive. In addition, the coaching fee for learning golf is quite expensive, which is equivalent to RMB 500 per hour. In fact, the price is about the same as that of domestic coaches, but foreign coaches are more professional, because they have played since childhoodWhy does Golf look so high-end? Can ordinary people afford to play golf
Golf relies more on coaches. Because the force bearing area of the club surface is very small, slight movement changes will lead to great deviation in the hitting effect, so the movement requirements are very high. Self study is often difficult and easy to cause a great blow to self-confidence. 5. the attitude between the government and the media is not friendly. Especially the media, except the professional media of golfWhy is golf equipment so expensive
It is not so expensWhy is golf so expensiveive! In addition, I would like to give you a liWhy is golf so expensivettle advice. If you want to buy golf equipment, you still need to find professional people and institutions. First, you can at least buy good and authentic golf equipment. Second, at least you Why is golf so expensivewon't make random offers
Why is golf so expensive

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