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Playing golf when it rains

2022-06-26 10:03Yalong Bay Golf Club
Summary: The influence of wind on golf(2) In the case of headwind, both left and right curveballs will be strengthened. In the case of strong headwind, the light curveball will become a strong right curveb
The influence of wind on golf
(2) In the case of headwind, both left and right curveballs will be strengthened. In the case of strong headwind, the light curveball will become a strong right curveball, while the light curveball may become an obvious left curveball. Generally, the wind is weaker on the ground than at high places, and the wind speed is 15 kilometers per hour at low placesCan we hold a golf match in case of a shower
You can play golf in the rain, but you can't play thunder. Once it thunders, you must immediately suspend or cancel itGolf balls
Therefore, the development of the ball condition itself has also brought about the development of relevant ball equipment, and even the course design should adapt to it. Feather golf balls were used until the middle of the 19th century. Some people used this kind of ball to hit 87 shots at the Old St Andrews course. It should be pointed out that feather golf balls will soften in rainy days, so they are not easy to useAmerican guy played golf in thunderstorm. The ball flew in the air and was smashed by lightning. How dangerous is this
And lightning strikes objects with higher vertical height first, which is why lightning often strikes trees. Some people even play golf in a thunderstorm. After hitting the golf ball, the ball was broken by lightning during the flight. It can be seen that lightning is very dangerous, and the energy contained in lightning is unbearable to our bodyHow to play golf on a rainy day
So how do you play golf in these bad wePlaying golf when it rainsather? Many of our players are talking to each other about this. In order not to let the bad weather affect our normal batting preparation procedures, after everyone's communication, many Playing golf when it rainsgolfers think that if they want to continue golf in rainy daysWhich months are the peak season for golf
Generally, when the weather starts to warm after April, there will not be many people playing when the weather starts to turn cool and the grass is not green in November. It also depends on the specific situation. If your home is close to the stadium, you can play at any time without rain or wind. It won't be cold when you play, rightHow to play in the field after rain
Source: friends golf is forbidden to reprint| Date of publication: June 23, 2013 Views: 3120 Q: in the recent plum rain season, the condition of the stadium is very poor, either water or rotten soil. The ball is either buried or there is a lot of mud on the ball. In this case, unless the single rule of the stadium can be wipedWill the golf course open on a rainy day
Yes. The business of golf courses is not affPlaying golf when it rainsected by the weather, and the best season for golf is the rainy season, because golfers often improve their level in rainy days. It is very important to learn some coping skills for playing in rainy daysWhat's the mentality of playing golf when it rains heavily
Playing golf in rainy days is also a very challenging thing, because rain may bring us many unexpected things. But the best season to play golf is often the rainy season. So, what are the skills of playing golf in rainy days? Fengshanshan and Liu Yu have something to say about thisWhy water the golf course when it rains
The golf course needs constant water spray to keep it moist. A golf course needs at least dozens of tons of water a day because it needs constant water spray to keep it moist. Including ornamental Playing golf when it rainsand practical (particularity), because the configuration of water in the golf course is essential
Playing golf when it rains

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